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Oud or Oudh is by far the one of the most expensive raw fragrance ingredients in the world. Also known as agarwood, this essential oil is extracted from the fungus-infected resinous heartwood of the agar tree, which is primarily found in the dense forests of Southeast Asia, India and Bangladesh.

oud, bakhoor

Agarwood and its essential oil gained great cultural and religious significance in ancient civilizations around the world. The odor of agarwood is complex and pleasing, with few or no similar natural analogues. In the perfume state, the scent is mainly distinguished by a combination of “oriental-woody” and “very soft fruity-floral” notes. The incense smoke is also characterized by a “sweet- balsamic” note and “shades of vanilla and musk” and amber.

Oudh has a long heritage of us in the Middle East. Only the Arab women know the real way to wear oudh. Traditionally, oudh oil is applied directly on skin- in the hair and on your pulse points. Depending on what the occasion is, they may or may not layer it with another fragrance.


Thameen Gucci Oud

A centuries-old ingredient, oudh’s allure has finally percolated shelves, stores and the olfactory notes of beauty brands across the globe. From classics like Thameen Carved Oud and Dior Purple Oudh to newer forays like Gucci’s Intense oud, the mysterious ingredient is having its very own moment in the spotlight.

The rise of boutique hotels back in the 1980’s brought about a new and very opulent traveler experience and along with it, rare and exotic scents were carved and catered to those with luxurious tastes, for whom money was no object.

When used in formulating a perfume, oudh is most often a base note. Base notes remain on the skin long after the others dissipate. Base notes also form the perfume’s foundation, hence are very rich, heavy and last easily up to six hours or more. They serve to enhance the scent of the other ingredients and in certain cases they also tend to impart a fragrance all their own. Most wood notes are known for their earthy scent but oudh provides a pleasant sweet scent and is often featured in a synthetic formulation because its so expensive.


This exquisite essential oil has many applications that range from therapeutic, medicinal and even spiritual. It is often associated with serenity of spirit, harmony and when applied regularly, the removal of destructive and negative evils in the home. Some people believe its an aid for meditation, and enhances mental clarity and eases neurotic and obsessive behavior.

In the Middle East, people burn oudh wood chips to scent their houses and their clothes. The Islamic community, believe that their prayers rise with the scented smoke of the agarwood and are carried straight to their creator.


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