RIVER, Fragrance Apothecary was born as a passion for soothing fragrances and the need to let your mind relax and take you to a serene surreal place. We want to be able to stir your senses. We bring you powerful notes of wild flowers, fruits, resins and woods blended to create a rich distinctive ambience.

Our Co-Founders J + N are perfumer-alchemists that bring an unusual approach to the paring of botanicals. From a young age J associated memories of her travel with fragrances. Hence every fragrance recounts a personal experience, from walking through the Sagano Bamboo Forest in Japan to the smell of fresh water at The Northern Lake in Baikal… These nostalgic musings encouraged connections by evoking memories and becoming the catalyst for creating new ones.

N’S love for fragrances began very early on. A passion that led her back to her roots. She is known as the head ‘Nose’ who brings in her quintessential Indian sensibilities that blend perfectly with contemporary interpretations in design, material and craftsmanship.

Together both of them thought why not channel this love for fragrances, art and design into a unique private collection. A collection that can be gifted in pairs or individually. ‘Showstoppers’ would be the right description for our products.

Private label our collection for your brand and we assure you a scented story will unravel in the air note by note. Your clients will be enchanted by aromatic expressions for their home or workspace that paint a mood through emotion, encourage the senses to fall in love with fragrances and allow their own scented memoire to begin.