RIVER is an Indo-French brand founded in 2019 by Janaki Grover and Nili Shah, a pair of school friends who later grew up in different parts of the world, one in San Francisco / Atlanta and the other in Bombay / Dubai. When they were young, they enjoyed concocting magic potions and blending different oils, always creating olfactory memories.

Many years later and after having worked in different fields and family businesses which ranged from pharma manufacturing, fragrances to real estate, they decided to bring on board their knowledge and skillset to create a brand that would later become one of the best private label export brands in their category.

Both Janaki and Nili are perfumer-alchemists that bring an unusual approach to the paring of botanicals. From a young age Janaki associated memories of her travel with fragrances. Hence every fragrance recounts a personal experience, from walking through the Sagano Bamboo Forest in Japan to the smell of fresh water at The Northern Lake in Baikal… These nostalgic musings encouraged connections by evoking memories and becoming the catalyst for creating new ones.

Nili’s love for formulation of fragrances began very early on. She is known as the head ‘Nose’ who brings in her quintessential Indian sensibilities that blend perfectly with contemporary interpretations in design, material and craftsmanship.

In 2021 they decided to go back to their roots and explore the world of alternative / traditional medicine. Hence the birth of their label River Remedy. With their combined knowledge in cosmetics, fragrances and cannabis, they were able to launch a portfolio of hemp infused products that don’t just work wonders but also smell great.

Today their showcase of products include manufacturing of candles, diffuser oils, essentials oils, home sprays, hemp infused massage oils and creams and the latest product to the party is their baby oil range.

With offices now in Bombay, Dubai, London, Atlanta and soon Thailand, these girls are definitely in charge of the direction this river flows.


Private label our collection for your brand and we assure you a scented story will unravel in the air note by note. Your clients will be enchanted by aromatic expressions for their home or workspace that paint a mood through emotion, encourage the senses to fall in love with fragrances and allow their own scented memoire to begin.