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  • SOUNDEST SLEEP. Hi! Used hemp oil. First of all thank you so much for suggesting me to use this oil, had a very sound sleep which I was craving for so many years, so half the battle won, & regarding the pain of my knee, its 10% relief. I think I will use it little regularly for 15 days & see. Sometimes it’s good to share our problems with frnds & you get such kind of results. For that thnx to your mom.

    Alka Mody
  • I did light up your candle last night. Looking at package color and everything about it I loved it and will definitely pick up from store even if I am not in need of more candles. Fragrance very sweet and soothing but not for large family room in USA. When I shifted it to my powder room every one passing by from outside could feel it. Namu and Jay loved J&N combination!!

    Dr. Nandita Mainthia
  • CHRONIC PAIN RELIEVER. My knees are hurting a lot because of chickunguniya and I have been struggling to stand after sitting for a long time. The pain in knees reduced alot after applying the oil and it doesn’t pain as much when I stand after sitting for a long time. It is definately a chronic pain reliever.

    Aditi Dighe
  • MIRACLE. It worked miracles for my husband. He has arthritis and it has helped him a lot.

    Priti Shah
  • REALLY GOOD. Used oil on face. Really good. Really going to get massage next week. Nice smell and feeling.

    Asit Mehta
  • INSTANT RELIEF. Thank you so much, this gave me instant relief. I was in pain since a month and couldn’t get up from the bed. We even did an MRI. The oil smells amazing and works wonders. God Bless you.

    Nayna Mehta
  • EXTREMELY HELPFUL WITH BODY ACHE. I suffered from covid and my body was breaking. A friend suggested this oil and it helped me quite a bit. I highly recommend it for any joint pain.

    Bharat Grover
  • GOT GOOD SLEEP. I had covid and I wasn’t sleeping well. I used the oil on my feet and my face and behind my ears as directed by your team. The fragrance is very nice. I got good sleep. Thank You

    Heena Dharia
  • I loved the fragrance. After shower I used it as body mist & in my mask.

    Dipti Desai
  • FEELING BETTER. My patient was having some left lung pain. We used your oil and she felt better. Looking forward to using it on other patients.

    Dr. Nidhi Bajaj
  • THE OIL IS MIRICLE ON PAIN. I had wrist pain till fingers yesterday night & I applied only 2 drops & massage for 3 minutes… pain vanished 100% …before that one hour glass was difficult to pick up. Awesome product.

    Rajesh Shah
  • HELPED TO SLEEP. Have been having a lot of anxiety. Have not been sleeping well. Tried the River Remedy Massage Oil and it really helped me relax and sleep. Thank you.

    Raj B.
  • SUFFERING FROM FIBROMYALGIA. I have been suffering from fibromyalgia and I’ve tried several pain remedies. I was told by my doctor to try a cbd / hemp oil. I came across your product because a friend sent me a sample. I cannot even begin to tell you how much it has helped me. For those who know what this disease is and suffer from it, I highly recommend you give this brand a shot. They have the best product so far in the Indian market for chronic pain. Thank you it is a live saver.

    Mitali Kadam
  • VERY SOOTHING. Just got a massage from urban company. Used River Remedy Massage Oil and am ready to sleep again. Very soothing oil and fragrance.

    Manan Shah
  • AMAZING OIL. I used it on my frozen shoulder- its an amazing product. My sister is using it on her torn ligament. She absolutely loves it.

    Sangeeta Khanna
  • SUPER JUST SUPER. Super pain reliever product I used & instant relief specially rheumatic pains. Thank you so much.

    Nikhil Mainthia
  • Best massage oil ever!!! Super relaxing 👌🏼👍🏼❤️

    Devaki Trivedi


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